Classic Scuderia Ferrari was started on November 16, 1929 which was founded by Enzo Ferrari, it became the racing team of Alfa Romeo and it also builds building and cars which are under the name of Alfa. In year 1938, the management of Alfa Romeo made a decision that they will join racing which they will bring their name, it was being established under Alfa Corse Organization, and absorbed by Scuderia Ferrari. This decision was being disagreed by Enzo Ferrari but was being dismissed in 1939 by Alfa.

Ferrari started working on racecar by his own in 1939, which are the Tipo 815 that has 8 cylinders and 1.5 L displacement. It was designed by Alberto Massimino and it was the 1st Ferrari cars. Racing was temporarily end during World War II, and Ferrari use an alternative way to operate his factory during the world war years by  tool work machinery.

When the war was ended, Ferrari recruited his colleagues on Alfa and they established a new Scuderia Ferrari that would build and design its own cars.

They are based in Modena during pre-war until 1943 when they moved to a new factory in Maranello in 1943, which it is still remain until now both Scuderia Ferrari and Ferrari’s Road car. They use the Fiorano Circuit that was built in 1972 to operate and test the cars.